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On this 1999 release, composer Dale Zola has set fourteen Rumi poems to music. Dale has been immersed in Rumi poetry for almost twenty years—she and her husband Dan produce evenings of Rumi's poetry called The Great Night of Rumi in northern California. She has also conducted a women's singing circle for many years, which is where she found Kirsten, the vocalist heard here. Oud, accordion, pedal steel guitar, bass, cello, didgeridoo, flute and violin set the backdrops for Kirsten's expressive vocalizations, creating a compelling setting for these timeless words of joy, humor, wisdom, spirituality, and connection with the Divine.

  1. What Is the Soul?
  2. Come, Come, Whoever You Are
  3. Morning Wind
  4. One Night
  5. Full Bucket
  6. You Are Song
  7. Breeze at Dawn
  8. Imagine the Time
  9. I Never Get Enough of Laughing With You
  10. One Who Does
  11. God Only Knows
  12. Night Goes Back
  13. Huge Barrel
  14. What Is the Soul?

In the words of a listener:
“I am having the joy of falling in love with one song after another on this CD. Kirsten Falke's pure voice is both beautiful and inspiring. The arrangements are so different that each song is fresh. I take this CD with me when I walk…”

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